I wanted to give a short status on this week's failures and OST current status.

I am glad to report that the issue with CQ alerts was resolved thanks to Barak and Evgheni.
You can read more about the issue and how it was resolved here:

Currently we have one on-going possible regression which was reported to the list and to Arik.
the change reported: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/89852/ - examples: upload ova as a virtual machine template.
you can view the details in this Jira: https://ovirt-jira.atlassian.net/browse/OFT-648

The majority of issues we had this week were failed-build artifacts for fc27. There were two different cases, one was reported to Francesco who was already working on a fix to the issue and the second started and resolved during the evening/night of Apr 26-27.
You can see the Jira to these two issues here:


There was an infra issue with Mirrors not being available for a few minutes. the issue was momentarily and was resolved on its own.


Below you can see the chart for this week's resolved issues but cause of failure:

Code = regression of working components/functionalities
= infrastructure/OST Infrastructure/Lago related issues/Power outages
OST Tests
= package related issues, failed build artifacts

Below is a chart showing failures by suite type:

Below is a chart showing failures by version type:

Below you can see the number of reported failures by resolution status: