This could be done, but not trival to do, and also requires you to know, before merging, that this is the patch you are gonna release.

A differnt but somewhat common practice is to use git tagging and 'git describe' to set the package version.
We can make build_artifacts trigger when a tag is pushed, AFAIK Lago already does that...

בתאריך 22 ביוני 2016 18:39,‏ "Vojtech Szocs" <> כתב:

I'm just curious whether it's possible to do the following:

Let's say we have a project (ovirt-engine-dashboard) built by Jenkins,
which means there's a Jenkins job that runs script
whenever a patch gets merged via gerrit.

Can we somehow pass custom parameters to for such
(Jenkins CI) builds?

For example, putting something like this into commit message:

  My-Param 123

would reflect into `My-Param` env. variable when running the script?

Motivation: for release builds (which shouldn't contain the "snapshot"
part [*] in RPM release string), pass parameter to
that ensures the "snapshot" part is empty. This way, we don't need to
patch the project prior to release (remove "snapshot" in spec) & then
patch it again after the release (re-add "snapshot" in spec).

[*] {date}git{commit}

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