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So you were not at the community call, bad bad bad™.

I was on PTO from Thursday until yesteday, but keep in mind the hour isn't that convinient for us ( bit late on Thu ),
Is there any way I can see the agenda before so I'll know if to join or not? 

There is an
initiative started by RDO and probably originating from Fedora, not sure
to remember well. Anyway the goal is to identify tasks newcomers could
do easily because they are not difficult and would not need special
access. They are tagged "easyfix" to find them quickly and also remember
team members to leave some available to newcomers.

Well, first we need new comers to present themselves and then it might be helpful.
In the past were able to locate quite easily tasks which any newcomer can do, and some are still working ( like the alert you get for old patches on Gerrit which was written by someone new,
which unfourtunately didn't stay after a while, I believe he was accepted to a new job IIRC ).

So this could help attract people if we flagged some bugs on JIRA and
accepted to spend a little bit of time exchanging with interested people.

Recently on IRC: (2017-07-28 01:10:14)
krish_ | Hello
krish_ | I'm a newbie. I'm interesting in contributing to Ovirt
       | I'm a computer science student. Can anybody help me in getting
       | Thanks.
I hope this person would try to reach us again on IRC or on the MLs.
Maybe the path for newcomers is not clear enough on the website too.

I'm not always on IRC, and its hard to notice requests there, its best if someone will send email to infra or devel list if he wish to join.
We have [1] for this purpose, but its a bit outdated and needs a refresh.

[1] https://www.ovirt.org/develop/infra/becoming-an-infrastructure-team-member/


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