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Hi everyone,

Please find the topics of this week's infra meeting below:


  • Engine upgraded to 4.2.1

Any issues/bugs found? 
  • One FC27 slave enabled on Jenkins

  • Mock updated upstream - need to update snapshots on el7 and all fedoras

  • Jenkins security advisory - patch prepared

  • Global_setup patch split for better readability

  • Bare metal management plugin for several Jenkins instances

    • Beaker plugin not doing what we need

Can you please elaborate a bit? its not good for supporting multi Jenkins environments or not good to manage bare metal slaves in general? 

It seems that the beaker plugin knows how to ask Beaker to run Beaker jobs; It does not seem it knows how to ask it to just allocate hosts, and it does not seem to manage slaves in any way.
    • Foreman plugin exists but unmaintained

The reserve plugin? its quite buggy and we couldn't make it work properly for years, I wouldn't rely on it as a good solution.

Yeah I wouldn't want to try to go back to that buggy fabric/foreman combination. And it wasn't allocating slaves anyway, just bare metals to be accessed via fabric.
But perhaps given the (relatively new) automated hardware discovery feature, it may be possible to build an allocation flow based on it. Maybe someone already did that and wrote an appropriate Jenkins plugin.

    • scripted slave plugin?

Please try to reach out to other projects like Fedora/Atomic/CentOS and see how they manage BM slaves.


  • Prepare snapshot update patch

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