Hello team,

I had some discussions on the fonts and am interested in the current status.

Some background for non-UI persons:

First we need to distinguish between the server and the client.

The server contains the Kimchi/Ginger-webserver and the Kimchi/Ginger-installation with functional and UI code.
The client contains a browser instance connected to the Kimchi/Ginger-webserver and displays the UI.

Per default the browser uses fonts which are installed on the client. Five generic fonts are available on each client operating system and are used as a default.
In CSS/HTML you specify a list of fonts starting with the most preferred one and ending with a generic one (default).

You can also provide fonts via the server. This ensures that your preferred font is available at the client. Such fonts are part of the Kimchi/Ginger-installation on the server (no additional rpm).

My opinion on the font discussion:

1) Icon Font Awesome
   This font is very useful as it provides a lot of scalable icons. We should use/package this font

2) Fonts like "Open Sans" and/or TeXGyreHeros as open source replacement for "Helvetica Neue"
   The sizes of graphical elements vary much more depending on the language than on the font. Our layout must be flexible enough to support this.
   My recommendation is to use fonts which are already installed on the client.

Kind regards

From:        Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes <samuel.guimaraes@eldorado.org.br>
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Date:        08/11/2015 07:13 PM
Subject:        Re: [Kimchi-devel] New-UI Helvetica Font
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I thought that since we are packaging Font-Awesome, Elusive and other font files as icons it was ok to distribute Open Sans with Kimchi. I proposed moving to an open source and redistributable font family instead of a font stack because a text with Arial Unicode on Windows doesn’t fill the same space in pixels as a text with Helvetica Neue on OS X and iOS. Open Sans was an alternative because it has the same variations as Helvetica Neue and almost the same size (I mean letter spacing / tracking, kerning, body width, leading  and height), we wouldn’t have “condensed” styles in one system and plain and regular bold and normal text in other systems.
From: Kevin Zander [mailto:klzander@linux.vnet.ibm.com]
terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2015 13:31
Aline Manera <alinefm@linux.vnet.ibm.com>; Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes <samuel.guimaraes@eldorado.org.br>; kimchi-devel@ovirt.org; donspang@us.ibm.com
Re: [Kimchi-devel] New-UI Helvetica Font

On Tue, 2015-08-11 at 12:01 -0300, Aline Manera wrote:
On 10/08/2015 09:58, Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes wrote:
Hi team,
I’m sending some screenshots to compare different fonts so we can decide if we are going to replace Helvetica Neue for Open Sans and/or TeXGyreHeros.
I also found out that Open Sans doesn’t have all the character glyphs for simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages (wok_current.png file, you can see that these texts have jagged edges). The equivalent font for these languages is called Noto Sans CJK which is licensed under SIL Open Font License (OFL). The downside is that Noto Sans is very heavy (~88MB each language set) so we would have to figure a way to load these font files only when the user has changed the locale in the front-end.

OH! Wait... The idea is to use an open source and wide used font, which means, Kimchi will not package any font file.

Isn’t there an open source and wide used font which works with all languages?

Which of these has the best unicode support though, I cannot answer.

Samuel Guimaraes
From: Aline Manera [mailto:alinefm@linux.vnet.ibm.com]
quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2015 15:24
Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes
<samuel.guimaraes@eldorado.org.br>; kimchi-devel@ovirt.org; donspang@us.ibm.com
Re: [Kimchi-devel] New-UI Helvetica Font

On 16/07/2015 13:09, Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes wrote:
Hi team,
I noticed that the new-ui design pattern for typography specifies Helvetica Neue family in four different styles. This font family is shipped with the latest versions of Mac OS X and iOS but it is not available for free on Windows and Linux distributions.
I believe this might conflict with Kimchi license. Even if we buy or rent a webfont license we can’t distribute the TTF, EOT, WOFF and SVG files in our repositories. I think that we can’t even use a webfont license in this case (pointing to a remote location or service like Adobe Typekit or MyFonts) because most font-licensing services are charging based on pre-paid pageviews.
Usually for web apps, mobile web apps and cloud based services we have to buy a server license to store the webfont files within our servers, but since Kimchi is an open-source project that anyone can check out and run, every kimchi instance would have to buy their own font license.

We can set Helvetica as the default font-family in the CSS and if the user doesn’t have this font installed the browser will load the next available font (Arial or any other Sans-Serif) but since each font has different sizes, some elements may not fit in the screen exactly like they were seen in the mockups.

Hrm... we should build the new UI with responsive web design in mind which means changing the font, font size, resizing the browser or whatever will not impact in the final layout.

Also, the UI specs recommends Helvetica Neue in 5 different styles (Light, Roman, Regular, Medium and Bold), most system fonts only have 3. We don’t have something like “Arial Light” for instance.
My suggestion is that we replace Helvetica Neue for Open Sans because it covers all the style specifications and it is licensed under Apache 2.0. Any thoughts?

Could you provide a screenshot with the Open Sans font so we can see how it will look like?

In first hand, I am OK to change to Open Sans.
I am copying Don who originally designed the new UI with the Helvetica Neue font to check if he has any advice to do.

Samuel Guimarães

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