Hi everyone,

sorry for contacting the devel mailing list in this matter,
but I was not able to find a user mailing list and did not want to open an issue on github because of this as it is obviously not a bug :)

How exactly do I have to configure the sources.list entry for kimchi in debian?
From https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi#jfrog-repositories I understood that there are repositories available, but no details about the sources.list entry and I was not able to get it working by try & error with apt.

The current entry version where apt processes without any issues I have is: 
deb [trusted=yes] https://kimchi.jfrog.io/kimchi/debian debian/10 kimchi wok

Unfortunately no package list is downloaded into /var/lib/apt/lists, but only the Release file.

What exactly do I have to enter to get it working? 

Thanks for your support

Kind regards