On 02/24/2014 10:45 AM, Aline Manera wrote:
On 02/24/2014 07:34 AM, Hongliang Wang wrote:
Hi all,

Royce talked this topic with me today that the UI part is missing for SCSI volume selecting when creating a VM. In the current design, VM is created through a template and no extra options are available at VM creation: template defines which pool and disk size, and Kimchi will create a volume in the pool with specified disk size for the VM. Though SCSI volumes are read-only and we can't create anything in SCSI pool, we need allow user to select a volume in SCSI pool. So my initial suggestion to the VM creation UI looks like:

/// --- Create VM Window   --- ///

1. Virtual Machine Name
The name used to identify the virtual machine. If omitted, a name will be chosen based on the template used.
[ Text box here to enter VM name ]

2. Template
Please choose a template.
[ Templates list here to be selected ]

3. Volumes (this part will be only available when SCSI pool is selected in Step 2)
[ Volumes list in SCSI pool to be selected ]

///  Create  ///

Does this make sense? If so, I'll send out patches for it.

It makes sense for me. Go ahead with the patches! =)

It also applied to iSCSI storage pools

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