the new UI design looks very nice. I would like to make 2 comments/suggestions (sorry, if these points were already addressed):

1- Would be nice if in GUEST tab, the VMs could be sorted by Running/Not Running

2- In TEMPLATE tab: from the screenshots, it is not clear to me if the names of templates was changed purposely (names
    showed are only the distro name)
    If 2 or more templates are created using the same iso, Kimchi is going to give names like (for instance Ubuntu iso)
    ubuntuXX-UUID1 and ubuntuXX-UUID2  ...  currently, the name is cut in the box because it does not fill the space, making
    templates look like the same and user has to edit each one in order to see the full name.
    So, I would like to ask you to pay attention at this point and give space to show the full template name or create some
     type of hover over the name text, to show the full name.



On 12/24/2014 02:11 PM, Don S. Spangler wrote:
All --

I have updated the Kimchi UI design wiki page (UI Design <https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi/wiki/UI-Design-Proposals>) with the latest design covering blueprints (icons / graphics, font, color, layout) and interactions for all tabs. Included as well are specific task panels with the design style applied (more panels will be included as we go and can work on specific ones earlier on request). There is ongoing work which will cover responsiveness which will be posted separately when it is completed.

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback on the initial version and we look forward to your thoughts on these updates.

Don Spangler

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