The function "kimchi.getPCIDeviceCompanions" (and most other Kimchi JavaScript functions, actually) receives a callback function which receives a result parameter. That function should be executed when the result is ready. In your case, your parameter function doesn't match this requirement (i.e. you're passing a function which receives a function which receives a parameter). You need to pass parameters exactly as they're expected by the main function.

Also, why are you using setTimeout at all?

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 5:57 PM Ramon Medeiros <> wrote:
Hi team,

i was trying to cache 2 objects, but they came from a HTTP request, and
took some time to download it. I was unable to use the function
setTimeout while calling this function:

setTimeout(function(result) {
         kimchi.deviceCompanions[kimchi.hostPCIs[i].name] = result;

The function kimchi.getPCIDeviceCompanions usually takes 2s to finish.


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