Hi Kimchi Devel-team,

There was good amount of discussion on using of bootstrap or foundation 5 for the new-ui development for WOK branch in the IRC (on 2015-07-08).

Question I have on this topic:
1. Are we experimenting with bootstrap and decide in the near future on technology for new-ui development or bootstrap is the way to go for UI ?
2. Also are we applying the design thinking as well when it comes to new-ui development for kimchi?
3. Do we have time line to accomplish this transformation ?
We have seen few UI issues in the WOK branch after separation of kimchi plugin from base frame work (Issues #704-709). I see all of them labeled as 'wok' now. So for short time is it worth while to fix these issues ? If so, is there a way assign these to my team members or some body help us in fixing these issues ?

Thanks in advance,