On behalf of everyone who has worked hard on this release, I am pleased
to announce the availability of *Kimchi 2.1*!

Kimchi 2.1 depends on *Wok 2.1*! So make sure to have both of them properly installed in your system.
Find more information about Wok 2.1 at http://kimchi-project.github.io/wok/downloads

Among many features, this release includes:
      ✔ Live migration support
      ✔ Guest memory hot plug support
      ✔ Guest serial console support
      ✔ Attach new disk to guest
      ✔ Linux bridges support
      ✔ VEPA network support
      ✔ Logical storage pool based on existing VG
      ✔ Maximum vCPUs support on Guests and Templates
      ✔ Maximum memory support on Guests and Templates
      ✔ Templates gallery view
      ✔ Guests gallery view
      ✔ Add user activity log support
      ✔ Bug fixes

We have worked hard to ensure that Kimchi runs well on the most popular
Linux distributions including: Fedora 23, Ubuntu 15.10, openSUSE LEAP 42.1,
and RHEL 7.2. Kimchi uses standard Linux interfaces so it should run well
on many other distributions too.

You can easily grab this release in tarball format or via git:
       ✔ https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi/archive/2.1.0.tar.gz
       ✔ git clone --recursive https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi.git

There are also some packages available for download at:
       ✔ http://kimchi-project.github.io/kimchi/downloads/

Go ahead! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Aline Manera