There are other tools that could help us with front-end development but since we already use the Makefiles and it would require other major changes in the HTML templates I don't recommend it. I think NPM is a welcome improvement.

FYI: https://www.quora.com/Why-use-Bower-when-there-is-npm


2016-07-28 12:11 GMT-03:00 Ramon Medeiros <ramonn@linux.vnet.ibm.com>:

i want to use javascript libraries from rpms, but, not all libraries are available in distro repos. So let's discuss how i can do it:

Fedora case:
Fedora has jquery, lodash, moment, typeahead and es5-shim libraries available.

No library available


Ubuntu has bootstrap, jquery, jquery-ui e lodash.

As not all libraries are available, i received a suggestion to use a parameter at configure.ac, like --with-spice, to choose libs from rpm or from the code. So, what is best:

Use single parameter (--use-js-from-rpms)

I will need to check the distro by code and generate the html templates with the script tag changed.

Use parameters with distros (--ubuntu-use-js-from-rpms)
Same as above, but distro will not be checked.


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