I’m handling the new-ui development following the latest submission to the UI proposals (https://github.com/kimchi-project/kimchi/wiki/UI-Design-Proposals). Last time we discussed this in the IRC channel, I believe we had set that Bootstrap is the CSS library that we’ll use for wok branch and future releases.

In this chat I said that Foundation5 had some issues with IE9. I did some research later and found that only the “off-canvas” component is affected but so far we don’t use this component in the new-ui spec.

Both libraries are good but Bootstrap default styles are very similar to the new-ui spec components, it would be easier and faster to customize it compared to Foundation5 or even creating all the styles and components one by one. The same goes for people developing new plugins, they could start using Bootstrap components and then they would have all the Wok styles.


Regarding the design thinking process, I’m not sure if I’m following your question correctly but there are some things in the new-ui spec that I believe we should discuss. For instance the double caret and drop-downs in the filters (page 29). Was it tested (usability)? What is the story behind it and the requirements?


About the release date, it would be after 1.5.1. For now I’m creating a static version to edit Bootstrap styles and widgets to match the new-ui spec. Once it is finished  I’m going to add the new assets and edit the pages in wok branch.


I’ve seen these issues but I wasn’t able to reproduce none of them, except one that refers to Wok logo (that is to be created). For the new-ui I’ve cropped Kimchi text from the colored symbol, since the ui-spec suggests to use native browser text instead of an image. That way we can change the text to Wok or any other name until we come up with a new logo.



Samuel Guimaraes


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Hi Kimchi Devel-team,

There was good amount of discussion on using of bootstrap or foundation 5 for the new-ui development for WOK branch in the IRC (on 2015-07-08).

Question I have on this topic:
1. Are we experimenting with bootstrap and decide in the near future on technology for new-ui development or bootstrap is the way to go for UI ?
2. Also are we applying the design thinking as well when it comes to new-ui development for kimchi?
3. Do we have time line to accomplish this transformation ?
We have seen few UI issues in the WOK branch after separation of kimchi plugin from base frame work (Issues #704-709). I see all of them labeled as 'wok' now. So for short time is it worth while to fix these issues ? If so, is there a way assign these to my team members or some body help us in fixing these issues ?

Thanks in advance,