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Wang Wen
On 7/7/2014 4:40 PM, Wen Wang wrote:
Hi all,

Due to the fact that Kimchi needs authentication feature to be designed. I an posting my point of view below of how I thought about doing it, including how I plan doing it in the front-end and request for help for the back end support.

Kimchi changed to a traditional login patten in last release that makes Kimchi more secure to use. It Before login, the front-end can hardly get any html information before user actually login. As we discussed, root user will have full access to Kimchi whereas the non-root user will have restricted privileges. It will be easier and more decent to show the proper tabs to certain users that distinguished by the back-end. Now the tabs are generated by an xml file generated from the back-end that show all 5 tabs. We probably need to have the 'Host' and 'template' tab removed for non-root users, which is recommended to be done in the back-end.

Also there need to be information provided to the front-end like the user-name, user-role as well as user-group, etc. that indicate user identity after login. The browser need the information to give certain privileges to certain users and disable the unnecessary functions. My suggestion is to have these 3 parameters passed:  user-name, user-role as well as user-group. There is a better extendibility to user the user-role other than isRoot so that we can define more roles in the future. As fact that we have only defined two roles now, the user-role parameter can be divided into root and guest based on user is root or non-root. These message can get from sessiondada, cookie or passed according to a query. the way passing the info of the user is still under discussion. Request for your advises.

Best Regards

Wang Wen

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