I want to mention that the sidebars of ginger_sidebar_1 and ginger_storage2 ,
as far as I've understood, it's just a 'shortcut' to show the selected feature while
hiding the other ones. This is not exactly what I had in mind when I first
proposed the sidebar layout. I was thinking about an exclusive content
panel, containing only the selected feature and nothing else.

Also, this does not solve the problem Ginger has with multiple second
level tabs - we're keeping all tabs and changing only their inner layout. My
first idea was to put all Ginger features in the "Administration" tab, with
sections and subsections in the sidebar. We would have the "Storage" section
and the submenus would be the name of each feature the tab holds today
(File systems, SAN adapters ...). Same thing with the rest of Ginger second
level tabs.


On 07/04/2016 04:02 PM, Samuel Henrique De Oliveira Guimaraes wrote:

Hi team,


We currently have an issue with Ginger/Gingerbase navigation bar in small screen resolutions and we also have huge tables in System Services page. Since working on the navigation bar involves editing Wok styles, I’m sending this e-mail to Wok mailing list instead of Ginger group.

I looked for successful combinations of sidebar + horizontal navigation bars and so far I couldn’t find any example that would exactly fit with Wok and its plugins. The majority of examples I’m listing below are very good with traditional pages with deep subcategories and the navigation bars can work as sitemaps and replace breadcrumbs:


·         http://www.worldwildlife.org/ - https://vimeo.com/166812605


·         https://www.theguardian.com/us - https://vimeo.com/166812599


·         https://next.ft.com/fastft - https://vimeo.com/166812597


Wok currently has two navigation levels. Kimchi doesn’t have multiple sections but Ginger and Gingerbase uses collapsible panel groups to separate sections that could be third level elements on a sidebar. This was already discussed when we moved some features from Ginger to Gingerbase but I think we could achieve a functional sidebar with up to three levels without using a “landing page” for second-level elements.


In the attached screenshots ginger_sidebar1 and ginger_sidebar2 are mockups for an off-canvas menu that would slide the main content and hide itself once an option is clicked. It would also hide the other panel accordions. Here are two off-canvas menu in action:

·         http://codepen.io/SitePoint/full/uIemr/


·         https://codepen.io/benske/full/cxrta/


Since this would require a change in Wok tabs and ginger/gingerbase tab-ext.xml, I think we could implement something entirely different that would with Wok and all plugins. This site menu only have first-level options on the sidebar but I think we could add collapsible links like a tree-table menu: https://www.sitepoint.com/

In addition to the sidebar, we could put a search/filter input on the top that would allow the user to type the desired option and show its position on the menu. Please take a look at the remaining attached screenshots. I did one variation with the content aligned to the center and another one aligned to the left.




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