On 11/03/2014 06:42 AM, ssdxiao wrote:
Hi kimchier,

I am happy to see the feature "upload volume" is supported in kimchi
but I found the button is disabled, is there any problem?

In the current code, the upload function is disabled as it does not 
work well with files larger than 500MB.
When trying to upload a file with 500MB the browser stops responding 
and after some time it crashes.
>From a quick investigation, I identified it happens prior to send 
the data to server:

     var uploadFile = function() {
         var blobFile = $(localFileBox)[0].files[0];
         var fileName = blobFile.name;
         var fd = new FormData();
         fd.append('name', fileName);
         *fd.append('file', blobFile)*

We need check if there is a way to solve it on UI by changing the 
data structure or how it is loaded or think about a solution involving 

Now kimchi only supports nginx by default now.
Is there any plan to support other web server? For example: lighttpd,  apache and so on.

No - we don't have plans for that.
In fact, nginx only works as a reverse proxy in Kimchi. The web server is cherrypy.

Why would you want a different web server?