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template cloning:

1 clone a template from template
The user may clone a template from an existing template with different name.     
Later he can customize some parts of the template to save the effort to create a full new template.    
For example, he can update the network of the template cloned to have a new different template.  
Can we provide a reasonable default the name of the clone? With the full edit flow in place, its tempting to just add
a "duplicate template" action to template. The action default everything in the new template.

2. we should also also user clone a template from vm
I just concern the image volume.
For vm may has no CDROM attribute. 
Then does the template need to copy the image volume.
For VM clone, can we make the the vm image as a backing file(or we can 
call it base image).

Then we can create two new images for this vm and new vm.

All these two new images are a read/write snapshot of the original image,

-- any changes to new images will not be reflected in original image.


Section 2 of the RFC gets very interesting, but somewhat more complicated than clone template.
I suggest we treat this scenario as a create template scenario, and separately from clone template.

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