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Do not regenerate logrotate conf at startup of wok.


1) The wok conf will be generated at make ? And then copied at make rpm?

There is no need to generate the file on the fly. We can add a wok.logrotate file to source tree and add it to rpm/deb when building the package.

2) The [logging] configuration at wok.conf will be removed? letting to the user to change parameters?

You should only remove log_size from [logging]
The other 2 parameter (log_dir and log_level) will still be used by Wok.
It would be good to add a comment there informing user about the logrotate file. So when user updates [logging] section he/she will need to update the logrotate file as well (if they want to keep using of logrotate)

3) This is the template for logrotate file

${log_dir}/*log {
    maxsize ${log_size}
    rotate 10

which vales for log_dir and log_size we will use?

Per wok.conf.in file, the default values are

# Log directory                                                                
#log_dir = @localstatedir@/log/wok                                             
# Log file size (specify size in K, M or G)                                    
#log_size = 10M

we can keep using them IMO.


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