On 06/08/2015 05:22, Chandra Shehkhar Reddy Potula wrote:
Hi Aline,

Versioning helps you iterate faster and prevents invalid requests from hitting updated endpoints. It also helps smooth transitions over any major API version as you can continue to offer old API versions for a period of time. Definitely supporting the old version of API period of time while offering new functionality with newer version always give benefits and extra time for end user to adjust to new one.

Well, we only maintain one branch which matches the latest release. So keep tracking of old version does not make sense for us.
The patches are always applied on top of the current branch.

To make clear, we don't maintain old versions.

I see lot of products in the market are adapting versioning (see below link)

I do understand the concern of maintaining the version of the API endpoints , below are some of the links from Openstack, which talks about it.

Hope it make senses to you.


On 08/06/2015 12:04 AM, Aline Manera wrote:

Hi Chandra,

I don't see any benefit in adding the version in the URL. Instead of that, it scares me on how we will maintain it.

Once we move to wok and Kimchi as plugin, all the APIs will be automatically updated so everything will be in the same page.

Aline Manera

On 17/07/2015 09:47, Chandra Sr Potula wrote:

Hi Kimchi/Ginger Devel-Team,

Thank you for creating WOK branch to separate the kimchi plugin from the base frame work. It is a great idea.

Along with the separation of kimchi plugin looks like there is a transformation of REST API URIs as well. So thinking in those lines will it be good idea even to introduce version to the REST API URIs ?

Let me take one REST API URI to convey clear on what I am talking about.

To retrieve the host repository information, current URI is:  "/plugins/kimchi/host/repositories".

New host repository URI can look like : "/plugins/kimchi/v<version>/host/repositories" , so that it is easy to maintain REST API future enhancements at the same time do not brake some body who is using the existing URI.

Note* Adding version in the  URI above is just an example and we could place the version in the URI best possible way.

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