Hi Kimchi/Ginger Devel-Team,

Thank you for creating WOK branch to separate the kimchi plugin from the base frame work. It is a great idea.

Along with the separation of kimchi plugin looks like there is a transformation of REST API URIs as well. So thinking in those lines will it be good idea even to introduce version to the REST API URIs ?

Let me take one REST API URI to convey clear on what I am talking about.

To retrieve the host repository information, current URI is:  "/plugins/kimchi/host/repositories".

New host repository URI can look like : "/plugins/kimchi/v<version>/host/repositories" , so that it is easy to maintain REST API future enhancements at the same time do not brake some body who is using the existing URI.

Note* Adding version in the  URI above is just an example and we could place the version in the URI best possible way.

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