On 10/13/2014 03:07 PM, Crístian Viana wrote:
On 10-10-2014 06:34, Yu Xin Huo wrote:
If the pre-check fail, response a message indicate the vm volumes that need re-assign a pool. Then UI popup a dialog below.
Once user selected the pool and click 'Clone' button, then re-send the request with [{disk1: Pool-A},{disk2: Pool-B},{disk3: Pool-C}]

AFAIU, there should be no input from the user in order to clone a VM. This adds complexity to the operation, which I think it's Kimchi's opposite goal. IMO, the clone operation should work entirely without user input.

Yeap, I think we have an agreement on it.

On those UI mockups, Yu Xin proposed to display a new dialog only when user needs to change the storage pool to do the clone - for example when the target pool is full or if it is iSCSI or SCSI.

I've just re-read this mail thread and noticed we haven't decided how to proceed in those cases.

I agree with you, we should require as less as possible input from user.
IMO We could always fallback to the default pool in those cases and if the default pool is full we raise an error.

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