I've just updated the wok branch upstream. It contains the latest wok changes from Lucio + the new UI widgets patches.

Please, while sending patches for review add the tag [wok] to have your patch applied into wok branch or [next] to get the patch applied on next branch.

Aline Manera

On 29/06/2015 19:13, Aline Manera wrote:
Hi all,

As we decided for a stabilization release after 1.5, I will create a new branch named 'next' to apply the patches not related to bug fixes.
Once we get 1.5.1 released, the 'next' branch will be merged into 'master'

I will also create the 'wok' branch to handle the wok framework and the new UI development.
I want to use the 1.5.1 time frame to test as much as we can the wok framework and the new UI we can release all that right after 1.5.1

- master: current release development
- next: new features
- wok: disruptive features (wok framework + new UI)

The current 'wok' branch is a copy of the master branch.
I am working with Lucio to get the new UI patches merged with the 'wok' patches so we can update the upstream branch accordingly.

Aline Manera

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