Also, macvtap does not show my wireless adapter:

From: emad ramlawi <>
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2016 11:21:01 AM
Subject: Centos 7 latest and updated no VIRTIO support with Kimchi


I really like your project, just wondered why I cant see any options to set Virt IO devices, while PowerKVM have that, I am suing Version: 2.2.0-0

And Centos :


Host userspace tools based on the libvirt API, including virsh.

Note: The HMC cannot be used on Power systems running PowerKVM.

PowerKVM device model support

Supported disk models:
  • virtio-scsi
  • virtio
  • spapr-vscsi
Unsupported disk models:
  • IDE
Supported network models:
  • virtio
  • spapr-vlan
Supported graphics models:
  • vga (VNC backend only)
Unsupported graphics models: