On 6/5/2014 10:53 AM, Paul Clarke wrote:
(Fairly new user of Kimchi, with first impressions)

Is there a good location for documentation?
Global product 'help' and 'about' should be visible all the time at the header.
Design should be changed as below and move 'help' and 'about' content below help menu.

It seems difficult to make a new ISO available, or I chose a poor way.
- I downloaded from an FTP site requiring non-anonymous authentication
- I scp'd it to root@host
- I tried to use it from there, but I got permission denied "KCHISO0008E: The hypervisor doesn't have permission to use this ISO /root/..."

- the message above recommends copying the file to /var/lib/libvirt, but I think you actually have to copy it to /var/lib/libvirt/images

- you also need to "chown qemu" the ISO image

After the above steps, it finally became visible and usable.

For current kimchi security model design,
root users on behalf of console administrator, they are responsible for
    1. host setup for virtualization infrastructure and console administration
    2. virtualization resources setup

I think this process should be streamlined for better user experience.
I recommend to make "chown qemu" transparent with kimchi to handle it automatically.

Further feedback:
- The above error message appears as a bright pop-over with a nice 'X' for dismissing, but it automatically disappears so quickly, it's impossible to read the entire message
should be controlled by user.

- in the "Edit Template" dialog, what is "CPU Number"?  I presume that is "number of (virtual) processors"?

- in the "Edit Template" dialog, what are the units for "Memory"?  It is apparently megabytes, but that should be noted

Paul Clarke, IBM

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