Hi Bertrand!

Thanks for your feedback! It is always good to see new people using Kimchi and joining the community.

Yeap! We need to improve documentation!
We have an overview and installation guide at http://kimchi-project.github.io/kimchi/
But for sure, it is far away from the ideal.

What kind of documentation you were looking for? Feature documentation? Installation guide?

Aline Manera

On 03/10/2016 03:00 PM, Bertrand Caplet wrote:
Hey there,
first of all I want to thank everyone who helped this project to get at
this point.
I really love Kimchi, it's easy to use and well thought.

The only complaint I can make is the lack of documentation.
What do you guys think about creating a documentation site or a wiki for
Kimchi ?

I'm willing to host it if you want. Just say what you think about this
idea, I'm really open.

Have a good day,

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