This timeout is the same http session timeout as other web applications.

On guest/host tabs, there is automatic request periodically to update vm status, so there, you will be automatically logged out.
On other tabs, all are static content, only when user perform an action manually which trigger interaction with server, then session timeout will occur.

On 7/22/2014 12:57 AM, Martin Fullam wrote:
I find myself being auto-logged out of Kimchi often, and after seemingly short periods of inactivity. Also, it seems to depend on the Kimchi page or dialog I'm on, although I may just be imagining this.

Can someone explain the Kimchi timeout policy, why it exists, and whether there's a way to change it or shut it off entirely? (And if not now, or yet, is there an outstanding request to allow the timeout policy to be configurable? Or is there some inherent reason it is what it is and will never be changed?)


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