Some updates from recent activity on ovirt-system-tests running on Lago.

New training videos:

overview of the framework running on Lago -

hands on session on installing and running OST -

Open bugs:

Open issues:
Work is being done to allow running OST locally per patch and on CI per merge.. more news to come soon

Open patches:  (reviews are welcome)

* Some patches are open on simplification and cleanup of the tests, should be merged this week.
* This is part of preparing ovirt-system-tests to support running tests per commit. 

Jenkins jobs: (STABLE!) 

3.6 & master tests are stable and running on nightlies - please watch out for any new errors, they probably mean there is a regression!
3.6 NGN job is failing - Tolik/David - do we know what the issue is?

Recently merged patches:

Eyal Edri
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Red Hat Israel

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irc: eedri (on #tlv #rhev-dev #rhev-integ)