On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 3:01 PM, Nicolas Ecarnot <nicolas@ecarnot.net> wrote:
Le 08/11/2016 à 09:25, Sahina Bose a écrit :

2. Cannot access the web url of engine:
I've setup tunnelling: ssh -L hc-engine.lago.local:8443:hc-engine.lago.local:443 root@rhsdev-grafton1.lab.eng.blr.redhat.com
But continue getting the error:
The client is not authorized to request an authorization. It's required to access the system using FQDN.

Would this be relevant?


(Especially the part about /etc/hosts)

I did follow this thread -
on my laptop, which is where I'm trying the browser
/etc/hosts hc-engine.lago.local

on the host running the engine i.e rhsdev-grafton1.lab.eng.blr.redhat.com
/etc/hosts hc-engine.lago.local

hostname on the engine VM = hc-engine.lago.local

What am I missing?


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