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Hi all,

The ovirt-engine 4.1 appliance has the Default cluster set to 4.2 and the hyperconverged OST tests fail here as the 4.1 host cannot be added to cluster.  (CLUSTER_VERSION_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_CLUSTER)

The appliance is from  http://resources.ovirt.org/repos/ovirt/tested/master/rpm/el7/noarch/ovirt-engine-appliance-4.1-20170215.1.el7.centos.noarch.rpm

​This is the tested master repository, so it should contain master code where 4.2 cluster level is already default. So probably only ovirt-engine-appliance version has not yet been bumped to 4.2 ...
​I'm just wondering why we don't have any ovirt-engine-appliance in latest 4.1 tested repo:

We can't publish appliance to tested repo if its not tested/verified.
The correct thing to do is to make appliance build from tested repo and then run the HE/HC suite and only if it pass publish it to verified tested repo.

I don't think we're there yet, but there is some progress.
Maybe Sandro can update on current status.

No update yet. We're out of capacity to handle more automation until 4.0.7, and 4.1.1 are out.


Has the default cluster level been changed in an updated appliance?

Test results at http://jenkins.ovirt.org/view/oVirt system tests/job/ovirt_4.1_hc-system-tests/1/artifact/exported-artifacts


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