On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 10:33 PM, Nir Soffer <nsoffer@redhat.com> wrote:
Not much difference:
Error: package repoman-2.0.32-1.fc26.noarch requires python-argparse, but none of the providers can be installed.

argparse is part of the standard library for couple of years, this dependency
should probably be dropped from repoman.

argparse is in Python starting from 2.7 while EL6 systems have 2.6 and hence no argparse. Not sure if we still need EL6 systems support for repoman anymore thought, will probably leave it there till it becomes difficult to support.

Indeed this package is marked as obsolete in FC26, so I will need to drop this dependency for fc26 and rebuild the package. Should be able to get this done tomorrow.


Anton Marchukov
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