I recall seeing some discussion of Lago vs Vagrant and how there could be some leverage between the two. We are currently using Lago in our release testing pipeline, however, for years now we've been using Vagrant for deploying developer and production hand-on testing environments. There are benefits to how we test and build environments to centering on a singular technology. Thus, I had a few questions I was hoping to get some thoughts on:

 1) What was the outcome of the Lago vs Vagrant discussions?
 2) How to reconcile the built up base of Vagrant use within our group with Lago (or how to sell switching to Lago)?
 3) Do you see them as co-existing with different application points?

To give an example of a disconnect where centering technology would benefit, we do an installation test currently spinning up a Lago based environment. Users testing our builds are using our existing Vagrant setup to spin up environments. However, we aren't testing the setup and configuration users are using and we end up double building the techniques for setting up environments.

Thanks for any thoughts,