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* Ovirt system tests 3.6 status:
    Gal testing 3.6.6 it locally, it’s expected to pass

Same here - I was a bit surprised I did not pick it up automatically - I had to delete all my reposync dir to get it (but I'm hearing some mirror issues in the ovirt users mailing list). 
Already passed 2/2, continuing to execute it.

I'm trying to revive the unification of the NFS and iSCSI storage servers.
As I've removed the snapshot-revert (in https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/56611/ ), it now passes very well, so I hope to send it for review soon.

* Ovirt system tests master status:
    Affected by:

I think https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/56567/ partially helps here - the rollback of a failed network setup will now succeed.  I'd be happy to see it merged.
We still need to understand why it fails and how it fails (which is why I'm looking at 3.6.6), but at least we won't be left with a disconnected host.

* Had some issues with jenkins.phx.ovirt.org last week, fixed already

* Currently reposetup not working on el7 systems, using old version of lockfile

* Released 0.15 with some improvements:
    Rotating the dest dir on collect
    Generic ‘lago deploy’ command
    More verbose reposetup command

In progress:
    * Lago tutorial
    * Lago init file spec
    * Lago high level desing doc
    * virt.py fixes

Should I revert the move to scp, or keep it?

Action items:
    * dcaro: fix the el7 lockfile issue
    * dcaro: review the tutorial to unblock gbenhaim


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