This was a result of rpms recycling on the experimental/snapshot repos and the fact the the job to build those rpm has been changed and wasn't triggered since then.
A new trigger done today deployed the rpms and the rpm should be available now. 

On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Yaniv Kaul <> wrote:
For some reason, both Hosted Engine and 4.0 ovirt-system-tests suites fail to find the v3 ovirt-engine-sdk-python RPM.
I'm pretty sure it was OK yesterday.

I do see it in the repos, the failure is:
Error: Package: ovirt-engine-cli- (alocalsync)
           Requires: ovirt-engine-sdk-python >=

However, I do have it:
[ykaul@ykaul reposync]$ find . -name "ovirt-engine-cli-*"

[ykaul@ykaul noarch]$ find . -name "ovirt-engine-sdk-python-*"

And it's not copied to the deployment - could be a regression in the reposync?


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