On 5 Aug 2015, at 17:18, IT wrote:

I installed moVirt and tried to set it up, but I have the error takes off:
In URL API insert: https://ip-address/ovirt-engine/api/hosts
Error message: Error login in I/O error on GET request for "https://ip-address/ovirt-engine/api/hosts":
org.apacheharmony.security.asn1.ASN1Ex ception: ASN.1 UTCTime: wrong format for DER, identifier at [129]; nested exception is javax.net.sslSSLHandshakeException: org.apache.harmony.security.asn1.ASN1Ex ception: ASN.1 UTCTime: wrong format for DER, identifier at [129]

hmthere was a recent problem in 3.5 (and earlier) about not-entirely-according-to-rfc TZ field in engine-setup generated certificate authority and Firefox 38+ refusing such certificates out of a sudden
This sounds quite like that
Can you check on client Firefox 38+ (running on something else than RHEL) whether the certificate check works? If not, you may need to regenerate certificatesfix for it is backported to 3.5.z stream and engine-setup asks you on upgrade

I wonder why ignoring the certificate doesn't work.


And the second message:
2131165389 REST request failed with 'getAuthToken failed'! For more details please see server error log.
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