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Subject: [ovirt-users] Get involved in oVirt integration! October edition
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 13:23:51 +0200
From: Sandro Bonazzola <sbonazzo@redhat.com>
To: Users@ovirt.org <Users@ovirt.org>

    have you got some free time and do you want to get involved in oVirt integration?
Here are a couple of bugs you can hopefully fix in less that one day or you can just try to reproduce providing info:

Bug 1080823 - [RFE] make override of iptables configurable when using hosted-engine
Bug 1065350 - hosted-engine should prompt a question at the user when the host was already a host in the engine
Bug 1059952 - hosted-engine --deploy (additional host) will fail if the engine is not using the default self-signed CA
Bug 1073421 - [RFE] allow additional parameter for engine-backup to omit audit_log data

You don't have programming skills but you want to contribute?
Here are some bugs you can take care of, also without writing a line of code:

Bug ID	Status	Whiteboard	Summary
1074302	POST	integration	engine-upgrade-check has no man page
1131828	NEW	integration	Test upgrade path from Fedora 19 with oVirt 3.5.z to Fedora 20
1118354	NEW	integration	[RFE] Automated testing should prevent leaking sensitive data
1120585	NEW	integration	update image uploader documentation
1120586	NEW	integration	update iso uploader documentation
1120588	NEW	integration	update log collector documentation
1083104	NEW	integration	engine-setup --offline does not update versionlock
1074301	NEW	infra		[RFE] ovirt-shell has no man page

Do you prefer to write on the wiki?

Bug ID	Status	Whiteboard	Summary
1142671	POST	docs		Feature page: CommandCoordinator needs to be updated
1142649	POST	docs		Feature page: AdvancedForemanIntegration needs to be updated
1111066	NEW	docs		oVirt Hardening Guide
1142652	NEW	docs		Feature page: DetailedHostPMProxyPreferences needs to be updated
1142616	NEW	docs		Feature page: Gluster Volume Capacity needs to be updated
1142623	NEW	docs		Feature page: AAA 3.5 needs to be updated
1142639	NEW	docs		Feature page: Features/Design/JsonRpc needs to be updated
1142662	NEW	docs		Feature page: PMHealthCheck needs to be updated
1142665	NEW	docs		Feature page: Custom Fencing needs to be updated
1142806	NEW	docs		Feature page: Node Hosted Engine needs to be updated
1142814	NEW	docs		Feature page: oVirt Appliance  needs to be updated
1142822	NEW	docs		Feature page: Support blkio SLA features needs to be updated
1142846	NEW	docs		Feature page: oVirt Scheduler API needs to be updated
1142803	NEW	docs		Feature page: Generic Node Registration needs to be updated
1142783	NEW	docs		Feature page: Separate DWH Host needs to be updated

Is this the first time you try to contribute to oVirt project?
You can start from here [1][2]!
Don't know gerrit very well? You can find some more docs here [3].
Any other question about development? Feel free to ask on devel@ovirt.org or on irc channel[4].

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/Develop
[2] http://www.ovirt.org/Working_with_oVirt_Gerrit
[3] https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/Documentation
[4] http://www.ovirt.org/Community

Sandro Bonazzola
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