I’m trying to discover why an oVirt 4.4.3 Cluster with two hosts and NFS shared storage on TrueNAS 12.0 is constantly getting XFS corruption inside the VMs.


For random reasons VM’s gets corrupted, sometimes halting it or just being silent corrupted and after a reboot the system is unable to boot due to “corruption of in-memory data detected”. Sometimes the corrupted data are “all zeroes”, sometimes there’s data there. In extreme cases the XFS superblock 0 get’s corrupted and the system cannot even detect a XFS partition anymore since the magic XFS key is corrupted on the first blocks of the virtual disk.


This is happening for a month now. We had to rollback some backups, and I don’t trust anymore on the state of the VMs.


Using xfs_db I can see that some VM’s have corrupted superblocks but the VM is up. One in specific, was with sb0 corrupted, so I knew when a reboot kicks in the machine will be gone, and that’s exactly what happened.


Another day I was just installing a new CentOS 8 VM for random reasons, and after running dnf -y update and a reboot the VM was corrupted needing XFS repair. That was an extreme case.


So, I’ve looked on the TrueNAS logs, and there’s apparently nothing wrong on the system. No errors logged on dmesg, nothing on /var/log/messages and no errors on the “zpools”, not even after scrub operations. On the switch, a Catalyst 2960X, we’ve been monitoring it and all it’s interfaces. There are no “up and down” and zero errors on all interfaces (we have a 4x Port LACP on the TrueNAS side and 2x Port LACP on each hosts), everything seems to be fine. The only metric that I was unable to get is “dropped packages”, but I’m don’t know if this can be an issue or not.


Finally, on oVirt, I can’t find anything either. I looked on /var/log/messages and /var/log/sanlock.log but there’s nothing that I found suspicious.


Is there’s anyone out there experiencing this? Our VM’s are mainly CentOS 7/8 with XFS, there’s 3 Windows VM’s that does not seems to be affected, everything else is affected.


Thanks all.