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On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 8:41 PM, Charles Kozler <ckozleriii@gmail.com> wrote:

I recently read on this list from a redhat member that export domain is either being deprecated or looking at being deprecated

We want to deprecate the export domain, but it is not deprecated yet.

To that end, can you share details? Can you share any notes/postings/bz's that document this? I would imagine something like this would be discussed in larger audience 

I agree.

This seems like a somewhat significant change to make and I am curious where this is scheduled? Currently, a lot of my backups rely explicitly on an export domain for online snapshots, so I'd like to plan accordingly

Can you describe how you backup your vms using export domain?
What do you mean by online snapshots?

We believe that the ability to detach and attach a data domain provides equivalent and even superior functionality to the export domain. Is there anything you'd miss? I don't believe it would be a significant change.

Attaching and detaching data domain was not designed for backing up vms.
How would you use it for backup?

How do you ensure that a backup clone of a vm is not started by mistake,
changing the backup contents?