Hi Liron,

Thanks for the reply. If I get what you said, when I take a snapshot of a vm, disk don't get copied, am I right? The system disk of the vm is not shared, is dedicated to that vm and in the engine is not declared as shared. How can I backup a live vm if it's not by a snapshot,?

El oct 31, 2013 2:42 PM, "Liron Aravot" <laravot@redhat.com> escribió:
Hi Juan,
When you a snapshot- the snapshot is being taken for image disks - lun/shareable disks aren't part of the snapshot.

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> Hi,
> I have a DC with an ISCSI data storage and several VMs running with direct
> luns discs for each one. Ovirt is 3.2 all running on top of centos 6.4
> minimal(hosts and engine). I want to take snapshots of the vms for backup
> but though it claims everything went right, there's no file or anything
> created anywhere and the details of the snapshot shows no disks. Where
> should I look for the snapshot? what info do you need to give me a hand on
> this?
> Here's a capture of the web admin snapshot tab:
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