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I can share my backup experience. The current backup/restore api integration is not optimal for incremental backups. It's ok to read the whole disk if you backup it first time, but you have to read the whole disk each time to find changes for incremental backups. It creates huge disk load.

For optimal backups it's necessary to keep a list of changed blocks since previous backup.
See http://wiki.qemu.org/Features/IncrementalBackup

Since it's not implemented in oVirt the best option is to run a backup agent inside VM. Yes, it's not very convenient, but it's necessary yet.

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>We are about to change our backup provider, and I find it is a great
>chance to choose a full supported ovirt backup solution.
>I currently use this python script vm-backup-scheduler
>(https://github.com/wefixit-AT/oVirtBackup) but it is not the workflow
>officially suggested by the community
>I've been looking for a long time an ISV who supports such an API, but
>the only one I found  is this one :
>Acronis Backup Advanced suggested here
>I ran the trial version, but it doesn't seem to do better than the
>vm-backup-scheduler script, and it doesn't seem to use the backup API
>(attach a clone as a disk to an existing vm).
>Can you suggest me some other ISV solutions, if they ever exist... or
>share me your backup experience?

Hi Nathnael,
In addition to Acronis, you can also check
SEP - Hybrid Backup
Symantec Net Backup
CommVault - Simpana

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