Hi Femi,
 Yes, the configuration should be based on Hardware you are using.

To clarify further about your RAID question:
Main usage of RAID in cockpit is to set the alignment values when creating the lvm and filesystem. The settings provided should reflect the hardware RAID configuration on the system, if the disks have been setup with RAID.

On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, 8:50 p.m. femi adegoke, <ovirt@fateknollogee.com> wrote:

> - In Step #5: Bricks:
> What effect does the RAID setting have?
> So basically If gluster drops in quorum then it will stop file
> operations until quorum is back to normal.
> So you need two bricks to write for quorum to be met.To overcome the
> issue will have raid.

Gobinda, thx for the info.

In "Raid Type, Strip size & disk count", should that info supplied be based on the hardware I'm using for the install?

for example, Data Disk Count - do I enter the quantity of disks I have on 1 host?
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