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One maybe stupid question, but significant to me:
Considering i haven’t been playing before with hyperconverged setup in oVirt, is this something i can do from ui cockpit or does it require me first setup an Glusterfs on the Hosts before doing anything via oVirt API or Web interface?

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On 11 Oct 2019, at 06:14, Strahil <hunter86_bg@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Marko,

I guess  you can use distributed-replicated volumes  and oVirt  cluster with host triplets.

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On Oct 10, 2019 15:30, "Vrgotic, Marko" <M.Vrgotic@activevideo.com> wrote:

Dear oVirt,


Is it possible to add oVirt 3Hosts/Gluster hyperconverged cluster to existing oVirt setup? I need this to achieve Local storage performance, but still have pool of Hypevisors available.

Is it possible to have more than 3Hosts in Hyperconverged setup?


I have currently 1Shared Cluster (NFS based storage, where also SHE is hosted) and 2Local Storage clusters.


oVirt current version running is 4.3.4.


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