Check if the cleanup has umounted the volume bricks.
If they are still mounted, you can use a backup of the system to retrieve the definition of the gluster volumes (/var/lib/gluster). Once you copy the volume dir, stop glusterd (this is just management layer) on all nodes and then start them one by one. Keep in mind that nodes to sync between each other , so restarting the nodes 1 by 1 is useless.

You can also try to create the volume (keep the name) on the sane bricks via the force flag and just hope it will have the data in the bricks (never done that).

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov 

hi everyone,

I have a 3x node ovirt 4.4.6 cluster in HC setup.

Today I was intending to extend the data and vmstore volume adding another brick each; then by accident I pressed the "cleanup" button. Basically it looks that the volume were deleted.

I am wondering whether there is a process of trying to recover these volumes and therefore all VMs (including the Hosted-Engine).

  LV                                VG              Attr      LSize  Pool                            Origin                          Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  gluster_lv_data                    gluster_vg_sda4 Vwi---t--- 500.00g gluster_thinpool_gluster_vg_sda4                                                                       
  gluster_lv_data-brick1            gluster_vg_sda4 Vwi-aot--- 500.00g gluster_thinpool_gluster_vg_sda4                                  0.45                                 
  gluster_lv_engine                  gluster_vg_sda4 -wi-a----- 100.00g                                                                                                         
  gluster_lv_vmstore                gluster_vg_sda4 Vwi---t--- 500.00g gluster_thinpool_gluster_vg_sda4                                                                       
  gluster_lv_vmstore-brick1          gluster_vg_sda4 Vwi-aot--- 500.00g gluster_thinpool_gluster_vg_sda4                                  0.33                                 
  gluster_thinpool_gluster_vg_sda4  gluster_vg_sda4 twi-aot---  <7.07t                                                                  11.46  0.89
I would appreciate any advice.

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