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Hi all!

Let me explain this step by step. Today I found out that certificates on engine expired (oVirt 3.3.1). I had trouble renewing them. After some investigation I found out that since version 3.5.4 certificates are renewed with engine-setup. All was ok when I updated (version by version) to version 3.5 (certs still not updated) but since my engine was running on FC19 I had to update to FC20 to continue update to desired version 3.5.4.

Hi, please note oVirt 3.3 gone end of life as of March 27, 2014. I understand upgrading is not easy for production sites, but for all oVirt users, I really encourage you to upgrade to next point release not later than one month from its GA. It really become difficult to assist you once more time passes and other underlying subsystems receives updates which are not supported by the obsoleted release.

Fedora updated, yum updated engine-setup.

Did you update postgresql database?
Please review upgrade steps at
After engine-setup (certificates were updated!) I could login to oVirt webadmin, but... All data gone! No data center, no hosts, no VMs... It's all blank. Like I installed it from scratch.
I used psql to check and data is in database. So what could be wrong?

Help, please help!

Didi, Douglas, can you please help here?


Thank you all!

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