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On 10 March 2017 at 05:40, Rogério Ceni Coelho <> wrote:

Ovirt user interface does not allow to input 4095 as a tag vlan number ... Only values between 0 and 4094.

This is useful to me too. Maybe any other way ?

Em qui, 9 de mar de 2017 às 16:15, FERNANDO FREDIANI <> escreveu:

Have you tried use Vlan 4095 ? On VMware it used to be the way to pass all Vlans from a vSwitch to a Vlan in a single port. And yes I have used it also for pfSense.


On 09/03/2017 16:09, Simon Vincent wrote:
Is it possible to pass multiple VLANs to a VM (pfSense) using a single virtual NIC? All my existing oVirt networks are setup as a single tagged VLAN. I know this didn't used to be supported but wondered if this has changed. My other option is to pass each VLAN as a separate NIC to the VM however if I needed to add a new VLAN I would have to add a new interface and reboot the VM as hot-add of NICs is not supported by pfSense.

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