So , I assume the hosts can communicate with the Engine , A & PTR records are resolved on host level. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Have you run tcpdump on the ovirtmgmt bridge , hunting for icmp requests from your clients ?

Are you using firewalld or iptables as a firewall ?

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

В неделя, 1 декември 2019 г., 22:09:09 ч. Гринуич+2, Vijay Sachdeva <> написа:

Thanks for replying,  I have single host with 4 interfaces. Two of the interfaces are bonded and connected to bridge “ovirtmgmt” and other bridge(VLAN based).


None of the networks works neither “ovirtmgmt” untagged, and YES I checked they are not out of sync.  Although Ovirt-engine, using VDSM setup that but no luck.


Any suggestion, would be a great help..!!




Vijay Sachdeva



From: Strahil Nikolov <>
Date: Monday, 2 December 2019 at 1:27 AM
To: <>, Vijay Sachdeva <>
Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Re: Overt Networking VM not pinging


Have you checked in each host's -> Network Interfaces -> NIC if ovirtmgmt is out of sync ?


Best Regards,

Strahil Nikolov


В неделя, 1 декември 2019 г., 20:29:06 ч. Гринуич+2, Vijay Sachdeva <> написа:



Hi Team,


Anyone having any Solution for this, please revert.




On Sun, 1 Dec 2019 at 12:29 AM, Vijay Sachdeva <> wrote:

Dear Community,


I have installed Ovirt Engine 4.3 and Ovirt Node 4.3. Node got successfully added to engine and setup host network also done. When trying to ping host using “ovirtmgmt” as vNic profile for a VM, it  is not even able to ping it’s host or any other machine on that same network. Also added a VLAN network which is passed via same uplink of Node interface where “Ovirtmgmt” is passed, that is also not working.




Although this vnet is vnic type is VirtIO and state shows “UNKNOWN”, would this be a problem?


Any help would be highly appreciated.




Vijay Sachdeva

Senior Manager – Service Delivery


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