On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 4:24 AM Vrgotic, Marko <M.Vrgotic@activevideo.com> wrote:

Dear oVirt team,


Install of role oVirt.hosted-engine-setup from Galaxy repo fails:

- downloading role 'hosted-engine-setup', owned by oVirt

[WARNING]: - oVirt.hosted-engine-setup was NOT installed successfully: - sorry, oVirt.hosted-engine-setup was not found on https://galaxy.ansible.com.


Apparently it fails due to name of the repo in the Galaxy which is with “_” instead of expected “-” .

Yes, the right role name in galaxy is ovirt.hosted_engine_setup and it's here:

you can install it with:
ansible-galaxy install ovirt.hosted_engine_setup

This is due to fact that ansible galaxy is not accepting anymore '-' in namespace, repository and content names and it automatically converts '-' to '_'.
Exceptions are allowed in special cases (with manual handling) but this is the rule, please see:

on the other side the rpm is named ovirt-ansible-hosted-engine-setup to be compliant with a different rule set.



Marko Vrgotic

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