You are not providing any other parameters that's why it does not reboot.
In ansible, you are inputting what state you want to have the machine.

Let's say that you have some running VM with 2GiB of RAM and you want to change it to 4GiB.
If you will start the playbook for the first time it will change to 4GiB and reboot, 
but the second time no changes because it already has 4GiB, so no change needed.

The same goes for the boot, I guess the VM already had HD boot and you were trying to change it to it,
ansible checked that it was not necessary.

On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 8:25 PM Alessio B. <> wrote:
Hi Martin,

Thank you for the help, I have modified my playbook without the first task.
Here is it:

    - name: Change state in next_run and reboot
        name: "{{ }}"
        auth: "{{ ovirt_auth }}"
        state: next_run
        wait: true
        - "{{ vm_result.ovirt_vms }}"
      ignore_errors: true

The VMs doesn't reboot. Nothing has changed, I can't understand where is my error.

Here my scenario by ansible playbook:

1) turn on VMs (Works fine)
2) first reboot (NO)
3) second reboot (NO)
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