Hey Marcel!

You have to install the required glusterfs packages and then deploy the gluster setup on the 2 new hosts. After creating the required LVs, VGs, thinpools, mount points and bricks, you'll have to expand the gluster-cluster from the current host using add-brick functionality from gluster. After this you can add the 2 new hosts to your existing ovirt-engine.

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 7:40 PM Marcel d'Heureuse <marcel@deheureu.se> wrote:

I got a problem with my Ovirt installation. Normally we deliver Ovirt as
single node installation and we told our service guys if the internal
client will have more redundancy we need two more server and add this to
the single node installation. i thought that no one would order two new

Now I have the problem to get the system running.

First item is, that this environment has no internet access. So I can't
install software by update with yum.
The Ovirt installation is running on Ovirt node 4.3.9 boot USB Stick. All
three servers have the same software installed.
On the single node I have installed the hosted Engine package 1,1 GB to
deploy the self-hosted engine without internet. That works.

Gluster, Ovirt, Self-Hosted engine are running on the server 01.

What should I do first?

Deploy the Glusterfs first and then add the two new hosts to the single
node installation?
Or should I deploy a new Ovirt System to the two new hosts and add later
the cleaned host to the new Ovirt System?

I have not found any items in this mailing list which gives me an idea
what I should do now.

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