Thanks.  I have my VMs on my Synology unit with the export directory on the host server itself.

On Fri, 2016-06-03 at 20:49 +0200, Joop wrote:
On 3-6-2016 18:10, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
On Fri, 2016-06-03 at 08:41 +0200, jvandewege wrote:
On 3-6-2016 3:23, Brett I. Holcomb wrote: Thanks. That helps. If you get a chance I'd like the script.
Here it is, heavily tailored to my setup and my 'servers' which seem to have their own problems. I never had problems shutting down servers which run oVirt but it looks like that consumer computers are more sensitive to some manipulation that oVirt does. Without this script I can't shutdown my Shuttle XH61V, it will hang on wdmd. The umount /rhev/.../ovirt01 are the nfs mounts that my hosts exports and the umount /rhev/../pakhuis are the nfs mount to a NAS. So I don't have everything on a single box but that doesn't matter. Got the same kind of setup on my laptop but then without the external NFS on my NAS. Host is running Fedora22, engine is running Centos-7.2 Joop
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