On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 4:05 PM, Marcin Mirecki <mmirecki@redhat.com> wrote:
Hello Gianluca,

Please check on the engine what hosts are registered on ovn-north:
#ovn-sbctl show

For each registered host you should see something like:
   Chassis "69b6b2a6-5afb-4908-8d66-c648cbe09ba8"
       hostname: "f43"
       Encap geneve
           ip: ""

I would assume you have some unwanted entries there (

To get rid of this please use:
# ovn-sbctl chassis-del <chassis id>    // for example: ovn-sbctl chassis-del 69b6b2a6-5afb-4908-8d66-c648cbe09ba8

Please let me know if this helps.

Note also that you would have to runplug/plug any vnics on any vm's you have on those two hosts.


Hello Marcin.
it worked like a charm.. ;-)

The "show" option of the command returned 4 chassis:
- 3 are of running oVirt hosts that I notice have been automatically updated after the  "vdsm-tool ovn-config ..." command run on them (their dns name has remained the same)
- the leftover one
After removing it with the suggested command it disappeared both from engine (ovn-sbctl show) and from hosts (ovs-vsctl show)

I'm going to power on some VMs with their nics on OVN and see if all is ok.
Thank you very much.